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Black Feathers, Golden Wing - James Watson

Title: Black Feathers, Golden Wing
Series: 1905 -1944
Fandom: Sanctuary
By: ellymelly
Rated: K
Summary: James and Sherlock travel to India in search of a mythical bird with connection to the Fire Elementals. This is a tag to Love in the Time of Science.
Characters/Pairings: James Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Chapters: chapter { 1 }

FIC "Good" Indian Girl

Title: “Good” Indian Girl
Characters: Kate Freelander/Ravi Ganapathiramani
Fandom: Sanctuary
Written For: Porn Battle Three (way late)
Prompt: good Indian girl
Summary: Kate and Ravi have butted heads since she arrived at Mumbai Sanctuary, can they reach an agreement about what a ‘good Indian girl’ should be?
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Kali Part 1, 2, and 3 but all implied
Warnings: We all know Kate is a naughty, naughty girl, but who says that has to be a bad thing?
Disclaimer: No one recognizable belongs to me and I’m not making any money off this.
Author's Note: So this was originally for Sanctuary Porn Battle I, but I had so many that I claimed that this one just didn’t get finished in time. And then I just got sidetracked by other things. I’ve been working on this one and working on it, a few words at a time and finally got it finished tonight. Thanks to illfindmyway and whogeek for all their help with this.

She's not your typical 'Good' Indian Girl


Title: Sanctuary for All
Author: Athena 
Fandom: Warehouse 13/Sanctuary crossover
Pairing: Helena G. Wells/Dr. Helen Magnus 
Rating: PG-13is (this chapter)
Spoiler: Season 3 of Warehouse 13, and all seasons of Sanctuary.
Disclaimer: I don’t own these lovely ladies. Not writing for profit, just for entertainment. 
Summary: Set in Victorian England. As an apprentice of Warehouse 12 young Helena Wells sets out to seduce the woman of her heart's desire while taking on one of the most challenging 'curiosities' the Warehouse has encountered.


SFA_!00 - a new drabble community!

Hey everyone!

Got the blues because Sanctuary was cancelled? Feel like there's a fandom drought with the cancellation news? Fear not! SFA_100 is a new weekly fiction writing challenge exclusively for Sanctuary.

"But RL gets in the way and I have so many other things to write"....don't feel intimidated, it's only 100 words! Right now to kick off the comm we're holding a poll for everyone to vote on Team Names.

Team Names, you ask? We will have two teams everyone can sign up for and each 100 word drabble or series you post will award points to each week's prompt challenge. Everyone likes ticky boxes - so go vote now!

The power of Magnus compels you.


"Nova Vita" - Chapters 1-3

Title: Nova Vita
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Magnus, Druitt, and Tesla are captured.  A group (possibly the Cabal) capture them and attempt to find a way to reproduce a super abnormal from source blood parents.  Takes place after “Neutiquam Erro”.
Warning: Season 1-3 is fair for sure, if I have spoilers for 4, it’s by complete accident.

Chapter 1 - A Delicate Situation

The rest is here


New Fic: "In a Century" by Rowan Darkstar

DISCLAIMER: All belongs to Damien Kindler and Stage 3 Media and Ms. Tapping and all the usual suspects who aren't me. Just borrowing these beautiful people. Thanks for the favor.:)
CATEGORIES: Angst, Helen/Tesla friendship and UST
TIMELINE: Post-ep to "Pax Romana"

Rowan Darkstar
Copyright (c) 2011

(He asked. He asked because he dared to think he might be the only one who would.)

"Neutiquam Erro" - Chapters 1-17

Title: Neutiquam Erro
Author: shannyfish
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Helen Magnus/James Watson, Helen Magnus/John Druitt (mentioned)
Warnings: Seasons 1-3 are fair as well as 4x01 “Tempus”.  Also, be fair warned that this will most likely be a long fic as it has decided to be my NaNoWriMo project, so that’s at least 50,000 words!
Disclaimer: “Sanctuary” and all of its characters belong to Syfy, Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood, and other fantastic people.  I own nothing.  This is purely for entertainment purposes.
Summary: What happens when James and Helen actually change the timeline?  How will it affect the future?  Re-write of “Tempus”
Status: Complete
Word Count (thus far): 57,535
Chapter 1 – The Mistakes I Made
The rest is here


FIC Kitchen Crazy

Title: Kitchen Crazy
Characters: Henry Foss/Cee Mcleod, Bella Foss, Abby Corrigan, Will Zimmerman
Fandom: Sanctuary
Series: Pack Life
Written For: whogeek and illfindmyway
Prompt: None
Bella’s a Daddy’s girl and even at two she knows what she wants. It’s
just a little slice of calm and crazy instead of insane and crazy in
Sanctuary life.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None really, but my head space is sorta setting it after 402. It’s not really blatantly spoilered though.
Warnings: Um…Bella is Henry’s daughter. She’s friggin adorable.
Bella is MINE! Cee belongs to Henry. Mostly because if anyone else
tries to claim her, she’ll probably freak the fuck out. Everyone
recognizable does not belong to me :-(
Author's Note: This?
Sooo not what I intended to write yesterday. But the idea of Bella and
Henry interacting like this just stuck in my head and would not leave me
alone. And then? It would not end tonight. So I finally finished. And I
needed to post it. And I realized I’d never named the series…so I did
that too. And now tomorrow I have to work on my stories for
nanoljers and for whogeek’s birthday because those due dates are fast
approaching. BTW—the working title for this was “HAP face”. *giggles*

Daddy's Girl

The link takes you to my dreamwidth account. If you would rather read on livejournal, scroll down to the bottom and click on the ElJay mirror.

Also two things for people reading from here:

1) If you follow from here and read this, could you just give me a heads up? I just want to know if anyone is actually reading/looking at this comm.

2) Is anyone modd'ing this comm? Does anyone know? I'm just wondering.


The Sanctuary Job: Part V

Title: The Sanctuary Job - Part V
Rating: Pg-13
Genre: Action/Adventure, Fluff, Crossover, AU
Crossover! Sanctuary and Leverage
Summary: The Leverage Team takes on a most unusual job.
Notes: Written for kaitlia777 for sanctuary_santa. She requested "Henry/Ashley! Shippy is best, friendship is good too. Will/Kate. Outsider POV's and Crossovers"
Previous Parts: Part I | Part II| Part III | Part IV

Part V

New Fic: "Home" by Rowan Darkstar

Yeah, everyone in the fandom is going to write one of these, but I couldn't stop myself. LOL

DISCLAIMER: All belongs to Damien Kindler and Stage 3 Media and Ms. Tapping and all the usual suspects who aren't me. Just borrowing these beautiful people. Thanks for the favor.:)
CATEGORIES: Angst, a bit of Helen/James, bits of Helen/OC
SPOILERS: Through "Tempus"

Beta love to helenhighwater7 and choraii.

Rowan Darkstar
Copyright (c) 2011

(She is living a century without anyone she has ever counted on or loved.)